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Choice 1 Services | Web Development Case Study

Choice 1 Services provides businesses with free ATM machines and provides top-notch service solutions. The best part is they don’t just install and service free ATM machines but also let businesses earn a cut from every transaction made – now that’s a deal that turns heads! The brain behind this innovative company is none other than my brother-in-law, Luis Jordao. With a vision to expand into fresh markets, Choice 1 Services joined forces with MezaWeb to create an online identity that reflects their brand and generates leads.

Understanding Choice 1 Services

MezaWeb started this project by gaining a deep understanding of Choice 1 Services, its mission, and its offerings. It was crucial to capture the company’s essence, which is not just about free ATM placement but also about empowering businesses to boost their revenue streams, all while improving the customer experience. Through close collaboration with the team at Choice 1 Services, MezaWeb applied this knowledge to the entire process to create a web presence that checked all the boxes.

The Prototyping Phase

Once the groundwork was laid, the project transitioned to the prototyping stage. Here, MezaWeb focused on translating the vision of Choice 1 Services into a visual identity that would resonate with its target audience. The challenge was to create a design that balanced professionalism with accessibility and reflects the company’s commitment to free ATM placement. In addition to the aesthetics, the structure and user experience of the site were defined in this stage.

Content Creation and Collaboration

Simultaneously, the MezaWeb team collaborated with Choice 1 Services throughout the content creation process. It was essential that every aspect of the website conveyed the company’s value proposition clearly and effectively. Regular meetings ensured alignment regarding messaging, aesthetics, and functionality.

From Idea to Reality

In just a few weeks, the concept of a website for Choice 1 Services became a reality. Thanks to the collaborative effort between MezaWeb and Choice 1 Services, the website went from an idea to a fully published platform. This online hub has since been instrumental in attracting new prospects and fostering interest in Choice 1 Services.

Results and Impact

The Choice 1 Services website, developed by MezaWeb, has become a pivotal tool in expanding the reach of the business. The message “Better than free ATM placement services” resonates with visitors, prompting them to explore the benefits of this unique offering. The website not only educates potential clients about the services but also showcases the seamless process of obtaining a free ATM machine.


The partnership between Choice 1 Services and MezaWeb is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. It demonstrates how a digital presence can transform a business and help it establish a foothold in new markets. Choice 1 Services, with its newfound online hub, continues to thrive and attract new prospects. This case study showcases the successful journey of a business that understands the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital age.

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